Mission, Vision, Charter and Creed

  1. Our Mission

    To provide social security and to promote social and economic development in St.Vincent and the Grenadines through prudent financial and people-centred management.

  2. Our Vision

    To be an institution that recognizes and assesses changing environmental trends and provides Social Security that adequately reflects our value system and satisfies our customers’ needs.

  3. Our Charter
    • We are a team who believes that it is not what we learn that is new. It is what learning does in terms of our own renewal.
    • We will be committed to learning and to taking the necessary steps to allow the knowledge gained to influence our thinking and behaviour.
    • We would strive for excellence in every thing we do.
    • We will recognize the diversity among us and so support, coach, counsel and lead one another regarding what is right.
    • We will seek for personal transformation, understanding well that it is essential for organizational transformation. Our actions will be fair and just.
    • We will respect ourselves and respect others. In so doing we commit to reward excellent efforts, exemplary conduct and visionary leadership.
    • We believe that we can create a future so we pledge to work to derive the best solutions to critical issues.
    • We will be hard on ill-discipline, non performance and any behaviour which impacts negatively on the work, the relationship and the results.
    • We will heighten our efforts towards safeguarding our values and so enhance the individual development, well being and organizational achievements.
  4. Our Creed
    • We believe in you and will prioritize your needs. We will ensure that you receive the quality
    • service that is tailored specifically to your circumstances, providing workable solutions towards safeguarding your wellbeing.
    • We will listen diligently for your concerns and not just to your words.
    • We pledge to be honest, confidential and thrifty and to safeguard by high ethical standards the Social Security trust fund.
    • We will be strongly committed to you by providing quality service, ensuring that our procedures and policies are supported by timely research and cutting edge technology.