Golden Years Activity Centre


The National Insurance Services has opened two Golden Years Activity Centres for senior citizens at Cane Grove and Black Point.  In keeping with our social responsibility as mandated in our mission and given our commitment to poverty alleviation, the NIS donated these facilities for the aged where they can meet on a daily basis for socialization.

The goals for these centres as identified from the findings of a survey conducted by HelpAge International in 2001 are:
  1. To improve the quality of life of the aged in St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  2. To provide nutritional meals for the aged
  3. To effectively utilize the skills of the retirees.

The facilities and services to be provided by the Centres include:

  •    Social Activity Centre
  •    Exercise Room
  •    Conference Room
  •    Library
  •    Kitchen
  •    Buffet Area
  •    Canteen
  •    Pantry
  •    Patio
  •    Locker Room
  •    Storage Room
  •    Overnight Facilities
  •    Computer Services
  •    Health Care
  •    Transportation

The activities would include:

  •    Workshops
  •    Motivational Talks
  •    Prayer Sessions
  •    Swimming
  •    Dancing
  •    Music
  •    Games
  •    Arts & Craft
The target group is largely persons who are retired and are aged 60 years and over. This group is sub-divided into two (2) categories:
  •    The first and primary clientele are the aged who are active and healthy.
  •    The second clientele group is the aged who are inactive, but who need a facility for socialization on a daily basis.
The Golden Years Activity Centre will be managed by a Trust and will be staffed by nine persons. Two caregivers who have already been trained in the Government’s Home Help Programme, a Nursing Assistant trained by the School of Nursing, one manager with tertiary education, one cook, one cleaner, one grounds man and two volunteers.
Periodic assessments will be done to ensure that the Golden Years Centre is fulfilling its obligations to its customers and that they receive a high quality service at all times.


How to become a member?

If you would like to become a member fill out our registration form and submit it to the NIS office.


Renting the facilities

Rental fees are as follows:

Individual Parties/Anniversaries/Weddings $500 plus $300 caution fee.
Retreats 1 day($325); 2 or more days($500) per day plus $300 caution fee.
General meetings $250 per day plus $300 caution fee.
Use of kitchen $75.
Use of Air conditioner $20.

All prices are quoted it EC dollars.

If there are damages to property or furniture and the cost amounts to more than the caution fee, then the renters are liable to pay the excess. Caution fees are refundable if there are no damages.