25 Things you should know about the N.I.S

  1. The National Insurance Services was previously the National Provident fund.
  2. The NIS is a statutory corporation that is governed by a 9-member board.
  3. The NIS is a full-fledged social security institution.
  4. The Honourable Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, is the Minister with the responsibility for social security.
  5. The current Chairman of the NIS Board is Mr. Lennox Bowman and the Director of the NIS is Mr. Stewart Haynes.
  6. Every new employer is required to register with the NIS within 7 days of employing the first employee.
  7. In the case of companies, employers should submit the certificate of incorporation/constitution.
  8. Currently, the total rate of NIS contributions is 10% (employee – 4.5% employer- 5.5%).
  9. The NIS contributions must be paid within 1 month after the end of the preceding month.
  10. For late payment, compound interest for every month in which payment is submitted late is applied.
  11. It is illegal for an employer to recover the employer’s part of the NIS contribution from the employee.
  12. NIS contribution is not payable for any full week during which an employee is receiving sickness or maternity benefit from the NIS.   The employee receives a contribution credit from the NIS for that    particular week.
  13. Employers can replace the Form C5 (monthly contribution schedule) by using our E-submit+ software.
  14. All applications for registration as an employee must be accompanied by either a birth certificate or passport and marriage certificate (if applicable).
  15. The benefits available to employees include: sickness, maternity, age, invalidity, funeral, survivors’ and employment injury.
  16. Self-employed persons are entitled to all the benefits except employment injury.
  17. Voluntary Contributors are entitled to Age and Survivors’ Pension and Funeral Grant.
  18. Overseas nationals can become members of the NIS through the Voluntary Contributions Programme.
  19. A claim for sick leave or employment injury must be submitted to the NIS within 15 days from the date the person visited the doctor.
  20. A claim for maternity benefit can be submitted 6 weeks before the birth of the baby or 4 weeks after the birth of the baby.
  21. A claim for funeral grant must be submitted within 6 months of the death of the deceased insured person.
  22. A funeral grant is paid on the death of an insured person, invalidity or age pensioner, or his/her spouse or dependent child (under age 18 or under age 21 if attending school or an invalid).
  23. A claim for funeral grant must be accompanied with the death certificate and a receipt from the funeral home.
  24. The current NIS pensionable age is 61.
  25. All age, survivors’ and invalidity pensioners are required to submit the NIS Life Certificate twice per year (January and July).